Album Cover Project

For this project I really liked the idea of having the four squares each containing something different. I used 5 different images, the background, the 2pictures of myself, and the two pictures I used to blend with my face. I tried to go with a somewhat monochromatic look with the orange and yellows which I think came out nicely. I played with the opacity in all the boxes (especially the yellow ones). I like the way it came out because I felt it looked a little boring and bland. I used outer glow on the text to make it pop a little more. I also, of course, used double exposure on my portrait. Overall I feel like this project came out pretty well and I kinda want to make another one.

ATPI Fall Photo Contest 2018

So far this year I have learned to step out of my comfort zone a little bit with my photography skills. I have also learned a lot my time management skills and my ability to work under pressure. I tried to work more with colors and black and white stuff too. Overall, I can tell I have improved greatly this year so far.

Architecture: I like this picture because of the composition, like how clear and focused it is. I also like what I did with the color, it gives the church an older feel because it is in black and white but it makes the sky pop more.  Architecture: I love this picture because the filter I used rally made the stone pop. I love the angle I took this from because you can't see all of what's outside of the door.  Architecture: I like this picture because of the exposure. I like how you can still see that the string lights are on but the overall picture isn't dark at all. It also looks like I took it somewhere not in San Antonio which I think is cool too. Nature: I re…

Favorite Five From Our First Field Trip

This first 9 weeks have been full of exciting new challenges! I feel like I have gained a deeper understanding of perspective and composition, basically what makes a good photo a good photo. On this field trip, I really took it upon myself to shoot things in a different way, and as I was editing I really went for new things I wouldn't have done before. I look forward to seeing what the rest of this year has in store!   I really like this image because of the angle I shot it from, it looks like your entering a secret garden or something.
 I like what I did with this picture editing wise because it really enhances the old feel of the church.  I LOVE this picture because It looks like it wasn't even taken in San Antonio. It looks like I took it somewhere in Europe. I also really like the exposure and how you can still see that the lights are on. I like how I edited this picture so that only the flag in in color. I also like the angle I took it from. I like the angle I took this …

Face Art Blog

This project was really fun to do. It gave me the ability to unleash my creativity and do whatever I wanted. I wanted to step outside the box and do whatever I thought looked good. In the end, I think it came out pretty well.

Farewell Blog

The end of the year is here! Being in photography has really let me express my creative abilities. I have been able to freely create images and projects that I never would've thought of, and I still can't believe that I did all of these things. My work has grown tremendously over the school year! I have reached out of my comfort zone and tried different angles, editing styles, and subject matters. I have tried many things that maybe wouldn't work, but the fact that I tried it shows improvement. I have developed a better sense of photocomposition. I have strengthened my ability to tell if my picture is in focus and if my exposure is good. My advice for next years photography is to keep and open mind, don't limit yourself. Don't doubt your own abilities, you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

 I Really like this picture because of the detail and the how the light green pops against the tan grassy background.  I like this picture because of the creepy mystery…

Color Painting Project

This project was challenging. Not because of what we had to do, but because I could not decide on a picture to use! But after picking a picture I just got creative and went al out with color. Overall, I think the end result came out pretty good.