5 Best Images

I feel that these are my best pictures because the colors in all of them are really vibrant and brighten up each picture and makes them stand out.I like how all of them are in focused. I like the picture of the string lights because the brightness of the colors in the lights really contrast with the grey cloudy sky. The picture of the man at the table and the leaves around the fence will always be my favorites because of (of course) the colors and the clarity of each picture. Overall, all of these pictures are amazing in my eyes and I love them all equally.
I love the contrast in colors in this one
 The fact that the man isn't looking at the camera adds so much to this picture
 I like how the blue and yellow pop against the neutral building
The colors and the depth of field in this image are my favorite elements
I absolutely love this city scape picture, the sky looks gorgeous and the fact that we had to go to the top of a parking garage to get this makes it all worth it


  1. I enjoy the colors in these pics, the photos of the man and the fence w/ the vine caught my eye. good work! :-)

  2. Your pictures are fantastic -- and your commentary shows good insight. Great job!!

  3. I think that the first photo is creative.

  4. Great city-scape and architecture lighting is great, just focus a little better. Overall great job.

  5. These photos are really good the best are the city-scape, the last one seems like it could be more focused but aside from that, very good photos


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