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The end of the year is here! Being in photography has really let me express my creative abilities. I have been able to freely create images and projects that I never would've thought of, and I still can't believe that I did all of these things. My work has grown tremendously over the school year! I have reached out of my comfort zone and tried different angles, editing styles, and subject matters. I have tried many things that maybe wouldn't work, but the fact that I tried it shows improvement. I have developed a better sense of photocomposition. I have strengthened my ability to tell if my picture is in focus and if my exposure is good. My advice for next years photography is to keep and open mind, don't limit yourself. Don't doubt your own abilities, you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

 I Really like this picture because of the detail and the how the light green pops against the tan grassy background.
 I like this picture because of the creepy mystery vibe it gives. I like that the trail curves so that you can't see whats at the end.
 I like this picture because The inversion os colors makes the trees look cool and I also like how you can't see the features of my face and you can only see my silhouette. 
 I have always liked this picture because of the colors and how the green and blue kind of compliment each other.
 Whenever I look at this picture, I can't believe I took this. The colors and the focus are my favorite things about it. I also like how pretty the sky looks.
 I really like this picture because of how the blue and the yellow stand out against the tan building. I also like the angle I took the picture at because it makes the side of the building look kind of 2 dimensional. 
This picture was really cool to take. I like how it came out because the focus is really good, I can almost feel like I can touch the water through the picture.


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