Favorite Five From Our First Field Trip

This first 9 weeks have been full of exciting new challenges! I feel like I have gained a deeper understanding of perspective and composition, basically what makes a good photo a good photo. On this field trip, I really took it upon myself to shoot things in a different way, and as I was editing I really went for new things I wouldn't have done before. I look forward to seeing what the rest of this year has in store! 
 I really like this image because of the angle I shot it from, it looks like your entering a secret garden or something.

 I like what I did with this picture editing wise because it really enhances the old feel of the church.
 I LOVE this picture because It looks like it wasn't even taken in San Antonio. It looks like I took it somewhere in Europe. I also really like the exposure and how you can still see that the lights are on.
I like how I edited this picture so that only the flag in in color. I also like the angle I took it from.
I like the angle I took this picture from and I love the exposure. The colors aren't over saturated either which is nice.


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