ATPI Fall Photo Contest 2018

So far this year I have learned to step out of my comfort zone a little bit with my photography skills. I have also learned a lot my time management skills and my ability to work under pressure. I tried to work more with colors and black and white stuff too. Overall, I can tell I have improved greatly this year so far.

 Architecture: I like this picture because of the composition, like how clear and focused it is. I also like what I did with the color, it gives the church an older feel because it is in black and white but it makes the sky pop more.
 Architecture: I love this picture because the filter I used rally made the stone pop. I love the angle I took this from because you can't see all of what's outside of the door.
 Architecture: I like this picture because of the exposure. I like how you can still see that the string lights are on but the overall picture isn't dark at all. It also looks like I took it somewhere not in San Antonio which I think is cool too.
 Nature: I really like this picture because of how clear and where the focus is. I also like how the background is super blurry.
 Digitally Constructed: This picture was kind of last minute and just me playing with photoshop but I think it actually came out really well. I liked the effects the 2 different light bars had on the subject.
 Time Exposure: I like this picture because the light bar turned white in the middle of me taking the picture and you can see it gradually turn white at the end.
Nature: I rally like this picture because of how much the green pops and how clear the focus is. I like how the background is kind of brown and boring because it helps bring out the colors even more.


  1. Amazing photos, Great Focus and Lighting. Wouldn't change a thing. Love your pineapple photo.

  2. All amazing photos, but the one I'm in love with the most is your second architecture photo. It has a great composition, lighting, meaning, focus and design and exposure. I can't say I would change a single thing about this image. I honestly love how it appears like a photograph at the door, but as you take a look inside it almost becomes a painting. If you don't mind I'd love to actually create this piece for art. If not defiantly use this piece for VASE!!!!

  3. Second Image: Architecture
    Composition/Crop- The crop is so satisfying.
    Exposure- The exposure is used perfectly.
    Focal Point/Depth of Field- The focal point awesome.
    Type/Direction of Lighting- The lighting is coming from outside.
    Elements of Art/Design- The dullness of colors is great with the picture.
    Artistic Statement or Message- I love it. Its so calming and the massage is good.


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