Best 10 Nature Pictures

This field trip I really tried to branch out. I used a zoom lens for the majority of the trip and am very satisfied with the results. Overall, I like how these pictures came out and I look forward to shooting nature photography again.
This picture was of a tree that had two branches that grew out to make a natural hammock looking swing. I saw this part of the tree and thought it was interesting how the two branches twisted together. Composition wise, i really like how sharp the focus is and the exposure is good too.
I was shooting with the long lens as I saw this duck and I wanted to see how far I could zoom to get as close as I could to the duck. I love how the focus came out as well.
"Branch Out"
This tree was super tall and I knew I wanted to shoot it from a looking up angle but I wanted it to look different than all the other ones I've seen like it so I puled out the long lens and tried to really focus on the design of the tree's bark.
There was a tree full of these huge white birds so I sat there with my long lens and tried to wait and see if any of them would do something interesting and fair enough, one of them flew right above my head and that's when I captured this shot. I really like how the wings came out in this photo.
This was taken at the Japanese Tea Gardens and I saw this water fall and immediately wanted to get a good shot of it. I really like the exposure and how sharp the focus is on the water.
I was eating a paleta when I looked over and saw this little patch of flowers that had water droplets on them. I grabbed my long lens and took this quick picture which actually came out nicely. I really like the exposure, focus, and color.
"Bee Bonnet"
It took a little while to get the focus of the bee because he kept moving, but I like how it came out. I like how I framed this picture and I also like the focus.
"Half Alive"
I saw this cactus on the walk back to the bus and thought it was so interesting, I wanted to shoot something showing the weird liquid that was inside this dead cactus. I like the focus and i like the exposure.
"Lone Star"
I feel like this picture shows Texas nature as it is half cactus half Blue Bonnet whichI thought was pretty neat. I really like how I framed this picture with the whole half and half thing.
"Prickly Patch"
This was the last picture I took of the day and I feel that it came out pretty well. I love the exposure and color and the focus is nice too.


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